(Mix) 2014 Carnival Sampler (Preview)

Everyone should know by now, Trinidad Carnival is a little over a month away.  And like clockwork, I’ve been damn near living in the gym.  Why?  Because I’m vain and I plan on confidently taking my shirt as soon as I reach Piarco trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  That’s not the point though! I’ve been listening to my Carnival 2014 Jump Starter so much that I think I could recite the entire track list from memory.  Coupled with the plethora of soca that has been released since I recorded that mix, it’s time for something new for you to listen to.

So, I present you with my 2014 Carnival Sampler (Preview).   A preview to my annual 3-4 hour mix I record each year, this is a non-stop one hour and 43 minute mix featuring 95 of the hottest releases for the upcoming Greatest Show On Earth.

If you’re ready for the pump, “listen to it” here & lemme know what you think!  And as usual, share the fcuk out of it feel free to share it.

Track List
01. Wining Good – Olatunji
02. Find Me In Trinidad – Bunji Garlin
03. Red Light District (SMJ Viking Refix) – Bunji Garlin
04. Forget About It – Kerwin Du Bois
05. Gimme That – Faye Ann Lyons
06. (Soca Hero Riddim) So Nice – Lil Rick
07. (Soca Hero Riddim) All O’Dem – Bunji Garlin
08. Take Control (Ooo Wey) – Mr. Renzo
09. Down Low – Farmer Nappy
10. (Sando Riddim) Family – Farmer Nappy
11. (Sando Riddim) Doh Rough Meh – Patrice Roberts
12. (Sando Riddim) S.O.C.A. (Soul Of Calypso) – Isaac Blackman
13. (Sando Riddim) Gyal Season – GBM Nutron & Jaigá
14. (Sando Riddim) Wining Champion – Akeem “Preedy” Chance
15. (Sando Riddim) Drop It Down – Machel Montano
16. Three – Swappi
17. Blazin – Chucky
18. Condense – Porgie & Murda
19. Need Ah Riddim – Biggie Irie
20. Dibby In A Fete – Verseewild
21. Mek Bumpa Go ‘Round – Scrilla
22. (Chuku Chuku Riddim) Never See Come See – Kes The Band
23. (Chuku Chuku Riddim) Chuku Chuku – Denise Belfon
24. (Double Up Riddim) All Night Long – Devon Matthews & Denise Belfon
25. (Double Up Riddim) SMS (Shades, Music & Strong Rum) – Ms. Alysha
26. (Double Up Riddim) Riddim – Megan Walrond
27. Carnival Tabanca (SMJ Road Mix) – Bunji Garlin
28. Carnival Tabanca (remix) – Bunji Garlin feat. Tarrus Riley
29. Truck On D Road – Bunji Garlin
30. Wine On De Truck – Sekon Sta
31. Drink Til Morning – Lead Pipe
32. Drink Til Morning (Travis World Edit) – Lead Pipe
33. Drink Something – Shal Marshall
34. (Soiree Riddim) What Ah Feeling – Lyrikal
35. (Soiree Riddim) No Coast Thing – Chucky
36. (Soiree Riddim) Play Ah Mas – Dev
37. Man In Yuh House – Cassi
38. (Titans Riddim) State Of Mind – Destra Garcia
39. (Titans Riddim) True Masquerader – Kes
40. (Titans Riddim) Spoil Mehself – Kerwin Du Bois
41. (Titans Riddim) She Coming – Machel Montano
42. Greedy – Devon Matthews
43. Big Ppl Ting – M1 (Menace)
44. My Team – Jaigá
45. BTW (Behaving The Worst) – Skinny Fabulous
46. HMA (Happiest Man Alive) (SMJ Refix) – Machel Montano
47. Cock It Back – Yankey Boy
48. Loose – Nadia Batson & Lyrikal
49. Hold On Tight (MadaHouse Remix) – Patrice Roberts
50. Too Real – Kerwin Du Bois
51. Never Done – 5 Star Akil & Nadia Batson
52. Shake Dat – Jo Jo
53. Feel 2 Wuk (Road Mix) – Shal Marshall
54. Feel It – Kes
55. Give It To Me – Destra Garcia
56. (Bad Influence Riddim) Part Ah Yuh Nature – Lyrikal
57. (Bad Influence Riddim) Bad Influence – Nadia Batson
58. (Bad Influence Riddim) Professor Feter – K.I.
59. Big People Party (clean) – Farmer Nappy
60. Just 1 Wine – Nutron
61. Go Down – K.Rich
62. Shake Yuh Bum Bum (Carnival Remix) – Timaya feat. Machel Montano
63. Shameless – Machel Montano
64. Country Gyal – Kes
65. It’s A Carnival – Bunji Garlin
66. #Keisha – Jaigá
67. (D’ Release Riddim) Just A Little Bit – Destra Garcia
68. (D’ Release Riddim) Conquer Meh – Lyrikal
69. Press A Button – Kerwin Du Bois
70. I’ll Be There (Last Forever) – Swappi
71. Bad Habits – Kes
72. Contagious (We Drinkin) – Erphaan Alves feat. Blaxx
73. Monster Winer (Andrew Denny Remix) – Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick
74. Lockdown – Kerwin Du Bois & Lyrikal
75. Pandemonium – Mr. Renzo
76. To Meh Heart – 5Star Akil
77. E.P.I.C. – Machel Montano
78. Addiction – Farmer Nappy feat. Imani
79. Culo – Mr. Renzo feat. Busy Signal
80. Mama Oh – Iwer George
81. Hurricane Skinny – Skinny Fabulous
82. Roll It – Mikey & Blood
83. Level It (Carnival Survivor) – Devon Matthews
84. Sound Bang – Major Lazer feat. Machel Montano
85. Mash Up – Destra Garcia
86. Rolly Polly – Mr. Killa
87. (Oil Stain Riddim) Wrenk – Lavaman
88. (Oil Stain Riddim) Riot – Problem Child
89. (Oil Stain Riddim) The General (Lick Ah Shot) – Skinny Fabulous
90. (Oil Stain) Done D Party – Faye Ann Lyons
91. (Jab Jab Riddim) Mad Up In This – Olatunji
92. (Jab Jab Riddim) Jab Jab – Iwer George
93. Towel – Screws
94. Run To D Front – Swappi
95. Ministry Of Road (M.O.R.) – Machel Montano

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Time to Get High!

So you know how they legalized marijuana in Colorado?  Well, let’s go there and get baked this post has nothing to do with that.

Lemme start by wishing everyone a Happy (not so new) New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday spent with family whomever you felt like kicking it with!  Now that that’s out of the way…

It’s a new year and [Gary, Kris, Kwesi, and] I have a new monthly event you’re gonna want to check out – Altitude!


That’s right, we’re borrowing those #MojitoSundays #vibes and using them to pump up Tuscana West (1350 I Street, NW) for a few hours on January 31, 2014.

Why Altitude you ask?  I think the definition speaks for itself…

a :  the angular elevation of a celestial object above the horizon

b :  the vertical elevation of an object above a surface (as sea level or land) of a planet or natural satellite

c :  the distance between the dance floor and your feet when you catch the vibe and start jumping around like a mad (wo)man

Seriously, after watching Mojitos Sundays successfully become “the day party in the DMV with the most vibes,” and hearing people complain about having nothing to do on a Friday nights, we had a brilliant brain fart decided to take the same model and give you a reason for being something to do at least one Friday each month.

Like Mojitos, Altitude is an open format party.  We aim to provide an event for working professionals in the DMV to simply get lost in good music.  Once you can appreciate multiple musical genres, and aren’t worried about what people have to say about your failed attempt at bubbling don’t mind showing that you’re having a time, Altitude is the place for you.

Admission will be $15 in advance and more at the door.  Bottle and table specials are available, so if you have a birthday,  got a promotion at work, or simply feel like popping a bottle or 10 to celebrate, we’re happy to provide the vibes for you.

For tickets and/or additional information, link me (or any other committee member), or log on to http://altitudedc.eventbrite.com.

Altitude Committee
301.613.9096 (Andre)
240.476.3793 (Gary)
240.581.2858 (Kris)
443.562.8203 (Kwesi)

See you there!

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(Mix) Carnival 2014 Jump Starter

Happy Holidays to whoever is reading this shit all my readers!  I pray that you are enjoying time with the ones you love.

As you should may know, Boxing Day marks the beginning of every carnival season.  And what better way to kick it off than with carnival music?  So, I introduce you to my Carnival 2014 Jump Starter.  It’s a non-stop one hour and 17 minute mix containing some of the hottest releases for Trinidad’s 2014 carnival.

Whether you’re already familiar with these 73 tracks or not, you’re bound to catch yourself jumping around like a mad (wo)man nodding your head to this mix at some point.  I won’t judge you if you decide to put on last year’s carnival costume and properly get into character before jumping around the house.  All I ask is that you send pictures video!

If you’re ready for me to get in the zone, “listen to it” here & lemme know what you think!  And as usual, share the fcuk out of it feel free to share it.

Track List
01. Come Over – Shal Marshall feat. Nutron & Reina
02. Forget About It – Kerwin Du Bois
03. Red Light District – Bunji Garlin
04. (Early Bird Riddim) No Way – Allison Hinds
05. (Early Bird Riddim) Aye You – Destra
06. (Early Bird Riddim) All I Want – Super Jigga TC
07. Take Control (Ooo Wey) – Mr. Renzo
08. (Bumpa Riddim) Question Of De Year – Cooper Dan
09. (Bumpa Riddim) Born Wit It – Allison Hinds
10. (Bumpa Riddim) I Like Dat – Hypasounds
11. (Bumpa Riddim) Crankment – Peter Ram
12. So Nice – Lil Rick
13. (Sando Riddim) Family – Farmer Nappy
14. (Sando Riddim) S.O.C.A. (Soul Of Calypso) – Isaac Blackman
15. (Sando Riddim) Doh Rough Meh – Patrice Roberts
16. (Sando Riddim) Gyal Season – GBM Nutron & Jaigá
17. (Sando Riddim) Wining Champion – Akeem “Preedy” Chance
18. (Sando Riddim) Drop It Down – Machel Montano
19. Need Ah Riddim – Biggie Irie
20. Blazin – Chucky
21. DTP – Kofi
22. Carnival Tabanca (SMJ Road Mix) – Bunji Garlin
23. (Chuku Chuku Riddim) Never See Come See – Kes The Band
24. (Chuku Chuku Riddim) Chuku Chuku – Denise Belfon
25. Condense – Porgie & Murda
26. Dibby In A Fete – Verseewild
27. Bomb Drop – Patrice Roberts
28. Truck On D Road – Bunji Garlin
29. BTW (Behaving The Worst) – Skinny Fabulous
30. HMA (Happiest Man Alive) – Machel Montano
31. My Team – Jaigá
32. Man In Yuh House – Cassi
33. Greedy – Devon Matthews
34. (Bad Influence Riddim) Part Ah Yuh Nature – Lyrikal
35. (Bad Influence Riddim) Bad Influence – Nadia Batson
36. (Bad Influence Riddim) Professor Feter – K.I.
37. Just 1 Wine – Nutron
38. Tang Tang – Shurwayne Winchester feat. 3 Canal
39. Never Done – 5 Star Akil & Nadia Batson
40. Go Down – K. Rich
41. (Toots Riddim) Bubble & Bruk – Peter Ram
42. (Toots Riddim) Juck Dung Gal – Lil Rick
43. (Toots Riddim) Zagga Dat – Sir Skarz
44. It’s A Carnival – Bunji Garlin feat. Major Lazer & Kubiyashi
45. Contagious (We Drinkin) – Erphaan Alves feat. Blaxx
46. Bad Habits – Kes The Band
47. Monster Winer (Travis World Road Mix) – Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick
48. Monster Winer – Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick
49. Shameless – Machel Montano
50. (D’ Release Riddim) Conquer Meh – Lyrikal
51. (D’ Release Riddim) Just A Little Bit – Destra
52. To Meh Heart – 5Star Akil
53. I’ll Be There (Last Forever) – Swappi
54. Bread – Ravi B
55. Breakaway – Ravi B
56. (Addicted Riddim) Wild Out – Lil Rick
57. (Addicted Riddim) Street Life – Indrani
58. (Addicted Riddim) Defense – Skinny Fabulous
59. (Addicted Riddim) Bumper Bounce – Erphaan Alves
60. (Addicted Riddim) Kotch De Bumper – Lil Rick
61. (Addicted Riddim) Bruck It – Machel Montano
62. No Worries – Mr. Legs feat. Young Image
63. Press A Button – Kerwin Du Bois
64. Lockdown – Kerwin Du Bois & Lyrikal
65. Addiction – Farmer Nappy feat. Imani
66. Wassi – Giselle D Wassi One
67. Mama Oh – Iwer George
68. Hurricane Skinny – Skinny Fabulous
69. Rolly Polly – Mr. Killa
70. (Oil Stain Riddim) Wrenk – Lavaman
71. (Oil Stain Riddim) Riot – Problem Child
72. (Oil Stain Riddim) The General (Lick Ah Shot) – Skinny Fabulous
73. (Oil Stain Riddim) Done D Party – Faye Ann Lyons

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Party for a Cause @ Euphoria

Know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you do something good to benefit your community, the less fortunate, or your neighbor’s weird-ass kid? Couple that with the hot and sweaty satisfaction of partying hard and you’ve got the definition of my newest venture: raising funds for worthwhile charities while having a blast. What the hell am I talking about you ask? Well, any of you who’ve been smart enough to attend attended Eyes Wide Shut within the past three years should know that a major part of it has become about giving back to the DC metropolitan community. Thanks to your overwhelming support, this year’s edition was the most well-attended ever, meaning that together we were able to raise and donate $1000 to Life Pieces to Masterpieces (LPTM)

Talking to LPTM’s leaders about the significant impact they anticipate the donation will have on the organization’s operations got me to thinking: what if we were to create opportunities to raise funds for the less fortunate all year round? And just like that, the Partying For A Cause (PFAC) movement was born.

As I kinda already mentioned, the concept behind PFAC is to offer amazing events that will raise funds for strategically selected charities based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Within the next few months my aim is that each PFAC event raises $1000 for each featured charitable organization. I still have to finalize the number of charities I plan on hosting events for, but the good news is that I already have the first event and its featured organization lined up!

And I couldn’t think of a better time to launch this community give-back program than Thanksgiving. So on Wednesday November 27, 2013, the night before the Thanksgiving holiday, come experience the joy of giving back at Euphoria, the unofficial launch of PFAC with proceeds benefiting SOME (So Others Might Eat), an interfaith, community-based organization that exists to help the poor and homeless of our nation’s capital!

Euphoria_27nov13_BACK_HIRESIt’s all going down at Tuscana West, but before you start saying “hell no” based on your EWS9 experience, hear me out…

Know that second chance you asked your ex for most of us have needed at some point in life? Well my new philanthropic approach is gonna begin by allowing Tuscana the chance they’ve been begging for to make up for all their EWS 9 fcuk-ups slip-ups. Best believe that this undeniably gorgeous venue is going to step it’s game up this time with way more Johnnie, way more bartenders, and way way waaaaaaayyyyyy less waiting in long-ass lines…at least for ticket holders. Oh, and we’re going til 3 a.m. That’s right bishes, we’re partying on a Wednesday like it’s the weekend!

Oh, and did I mention that Private Ryan’s going to be present even if I have to swim with him here on my back? So you know the soundtrack to this event is going to be crazy! Include myself and DJ Majestic, a later than usual finish AND the fact that the next day is the most celebrated holiday in the US and I think it’s safe to say that we have an epic night in the making right here!

So what are you waiting on? Do your good deed for the Thanksgiving season and organize your Euphoria ticket today! Of course you can still go serve at a soup kitchen, have a clothing drive for the homeless, or make a charitable donation…just remember to buy your Euphoria ticket first that attending Euphoria is an awesome way to reach out to the less fortunate AND turn up LOUD at the same damn time!

For tickets and/or additional information, link me (or any other committee member), or log on to http://euphoriadc.eventbrite.com.

Euphoria Committee
301.613.9096 (Andre)
410.533.8206 (Cecil)
240.476.3793 (Gary)
240.423.5947 (Kirt)
240.581.2858 (Kris)

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Eyes Wide Shut 9 Update

When DJ Private Ryan gets called to duty at Eyes Wide Shut 9 (EWS 9) he gets excited…when he gets excited he attempts to break dance…when he attempts to break dance he literally breaks a leg (and several other body parts)…when he breaks a leg he loses flight clearance and can’t make it to DC. Don’t be like Private Ryan, learn to dance BEFORE you come to EWS 9.

See how rumors get started? Lol. All kidding aside, however, there is one unfortunate fact amidst the above fiction: while Private Ryan has not broken any body parts (or attempted to break dance in recent history…well, as far as we know) he did undergo emergency surgery two weeks ago and though expecting medical clearance this week, he has been deemed unable to fly in time for EWS 9. Our prayers and best wishes go out to him for a speedy and complete recovery (even as we curse Murphy’s law for being an uber bish). We look forward to him being present and better than ever at EWS X next year though.

So where’s that leave us? With a strong DJ cast from along the East Coast AND a new face to the EWS scene who’s been at the top of his game for years – DJ Dayne!  Whether you know him from spinning with Hypa Hoppa during the Radioactive (Sound System) days, listen to him on Red 96.7 on the Hypadrive, chip alongside him and Sachy through Tribe/Bliss for Trinidad Carnival or simply heard him play on one of his international tours, you know that DJ Dayne kills it on the ones and twos. With him in the mix you can bet EWS 9 will be Tun Up LOUD!

See you at Tuscana Lounge (1350 I Street, NW) for EWS 9.  For tickets and/or additional information, link me (or any other committee member), or log on to http://eyeswideshut9.eventbrite.com.

Eyes Wide Shut IX Committee
301.613.9096 (Andre)
410.533.8206 (Cecil)
240.476.3793 (Gary)
240.423.5947 (Kirt)
240.581.2858 (Kris)

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(Mix) Eyes Wide Shut 9 Sampler

Can’t wait for doors to open at Eyes Wide Shut 9 (EWS)?  Still contemplating whether or not you’re coming procrastinating on buying your ticket?  Got plans already and trying to figure out how to get out of them?  Or maybe you’re out of town and trying to figure out how you’re going to make it to EWS?

Whatever it is, I’d like to formally introduce you to the official Eyes Wide Shut 9 Sampler.  It’s a high energy compilation of 61 Pop, Electro House, Hip Hop, Dancehall, and Soca hits all wrapped up into a non-stop hour and five-minute mix geared to getting you ready for EWS on Friday, September 27 at Tuscana Lounge.

Note: The hip-hop and dancehall segments in this mix ain’t for fcuk’n kids really aren’t particularly kid friendly!  So, please be aware of where you’re playing it.  If you don’t really care about your kid(s) listening to a bunch of cussing, shame on your shitty ass parenting pop this bad boy in and turn it up LOUD!  Just know their teachers will probably be calling you complaining that your little angel is singing “Got your bish tip toeing on Italian marble,” “You have the ever blessed pum pum, I got to go with you,” and a slew of other inappropriate shit in class! #JustSaying

“Listen to it” here & lemme know what you think!  And as usual, share the fcuk out of it feel free to share it.

Track List
01. Intro – Majestic, Jason Steele, Trigga, Black Spider, Tommy Gunnz, Sekou Flex, Mr. Nutron, Private Ryan, 2 Island Bwoyz, Junglee Stylee, Edley Shine & Kofi
02. Get Lucky – Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams
03. Treasure – Bruno Mars
04. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell Williams & T.I.
05. I Need Your Love – Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding
06. Safe & Sound – Capital Cities
07. I Love It (I Don’t Care) – Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX
08. The Other Side – Jason Derulo
09. Alive – Krewella
10. Clarity – Zedd feat. Foxes
11. Crazy Kids – Ke$ha
12. Cups (You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone) Anna Kendrick
13. No New Friends DJ Khaled feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne
14. U.O.E.N.O – Rocko feat. Future & Rick Ross
15. Ain’t Worried About Nothing – French Montana
16. Marble Floors French Montana feat. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz
17. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt – Jay-Z feat. Rick Ross
18. Bugatti – Ace Hood feat. Future & Rick Ross
19. Versace – Migos feat. Drake, Meek Mill & Tyga
20. Twerk – Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus
21. Clappers – Wale feat. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J
22. Type Of Way (remix) – Rich Homie Quan feat. Jim Jones
23. Karate Chop – Future feat. Lil Wayne
24. Tom Ford – Jay-Z
25. Control – Big Sean feat. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica
26. Nah Follow Nobody – Chronixx
27. Gal A Gimme Bun – I-Octane
28. Ever Blessed – Vybz Kartel
29. (Calabash Riddim) Couple Up – Konshens
30. (Calabash Riddim) Can’t Wait – Kes The Band
31. Punany A Mi Best Friend – Vybz Kartel
32. Cheat On Me – Mavado feat. Spice
33. Dye Dye – Macka Diamond
34. Bedroom Bully – Busy Signal
35. Pon Di Cocky – Aidonia
36. Wine Like That – Popcaan
37. One Drop – QQ feat. Venomous
38. Baby – Aidonia
39. (Toasted Riddim) School – Vybz Kartel
40. (Toasted Riddim) Big People Ting – Konshens
41. Pull Up To Mi Bumper – Konshens & J Capri
42. Wine & Kotch – Charly Black & J Capri
43. (Wild Bubble Riddim) Jook So – Aidonia
44. (Wild Bubble Riddim) On Your Face – Konshens
45. (Bumaye Riddim) Gal A Bubble (Jester Bootleg)
46. (Bumaye Riddim) Watch Out For This (Bumaye) – Major Lazer feat. Busy Signal
47. (Bumaye Riddim) Shell It Down – Major Lazer feat. T.O.K.
48. (Bumaye Riddim) This One Is For You – Major Lazer feat. Shurwayne Winchester
49. (Bumpa Riddim) Question Of de Year – Cooper Dan
50. (Bumpa Riddim) Born Wit It – Alison Hinds
51. Condense – Porgie & Murda
52. (Rich Again Riddim) Behave Pon It – Lil Rick
53. The FOG – Machel Montano
54. Carnival Tabanca (SMJ Road Mix) – Bunji Garlin
55. 25-8 – Lyrikal
56. Conquer Meh – Lyrikal
57. Possessed – Machel Montano feat. Kerwin Du Bois & Ladysmith Black Mambazo
58. (Drummer Boy Riddim) Drummer Boy – Menace (M1)
59. (Soca Salsa Riddim) Bam Bam – Olatunji Yearwood
60. (Soca Future Riddim) Leggo (36Zero Tolerance Edit) – Blaxx
61. Monster Wine – Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick

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Eyes Wide Shut 9

EWS9_4x6_BACK_design7_HIRESTemperatures are starting to drop, it’s already getting darker a bit earlier in the evenings and hemlines are heading south.  *teardrop*  So you know what that means: summer’s wrapping up and making way for fall.  And what’s an awesome way to kick off the fall in Washington DC? Eyes Wide Shut 9 (EWS) of course!

On Friday, September 27th, EWS celebrates its ninth year running and Culture Shock Entertainment and La Fortezza DC are planning yet another epic night.  Never been?  Well when you make it this year, expect some of the most beautiful people in the DMV partying hard in their hottest black attire behind deluxe masks!  Why?  Because the masquerade ball theme of EWS is “You Must Wear Black!”  So ladies, pull out your hottest LBD or better yet, go buy a new one.  Fellas, I don’t really care what you wear dress prepared to impress those ladies because trust me, they pull out all the stops when it comes to EWS.  Don’t believe me?  Take a peek at the galleries from EWS VIII – Trini Jungle Juice & Kid Mixx.

Masks will be provided, but if you’re up to it, bring your own and be a standout in the crowd!

With this year’s soundtrack set by Private Ryan (Trinidad), DJ Majestic (DC), and Trigga of Half Krazy (DC), you don’t want to miss being a part of the this epic event.

Given the current economy, we’ve decided to move away from the drinks inclusive party format this year.  Though it was probably the least expensive premium open bar ever to touch the DMV, a good number of people were a bit apprehensive about the price of admission for the last two years. Since the last thing we want to do is alienate anyone, it’s back to lower admission, cash bar, and table service.  To those of you who actually appreciated the drinks inclusive scene, don’t worry, we’ll wean you lushes off of the open bar with a few liquor sponsors.

Once again, we’ll keep up our tradition of partying for a cause because the price of a ticket includes awesome vibes, amazing music, and community consciousness with some of the proceeds going to Life Pieces to Masterpieces!  If you are too lazy to peruse don’t have time to check out their site, they’re an organization focused on “providing opportunities to discover and activate the innate and creative abilities of the members to change life challenges into possibilities.”  Their programs keep young minority males out of trouble while unlocking the loads of potential they have.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, back to the matter at hand – EWS!

Admission this year is $15 until Monday, September 23, $20 the week of the party and $25 at the door!  So, mark Friday, September 27 on your calendar for EWS IX at Tuscana Lounge (1350 I Street, NW).  For tickets and/or additional information, link me (or any other committee member), or log on to http://eyeswideshut9.eventbrite.com.

Eyes Wide Shut IX Committee
301.613.9096 (Andre)
410.533.8206 (Cecil)
240.476.3793 (Gary)
240.423.5947 (Kirt)
240.581.2858 (Kris)

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