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Strike 3! You’re Out!!!

Man, I’m getting older!  Aside from the obvious fact that the clock keeps on ticking, I’m actually ready to settle down.  I can’t believe it either!  I’m pretty sure anyone who really knows me is shaking their head and saying … Continue reading

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My Instant Happy “Pill”

Anytime I’m in a shitty mood or I simply need a good laugh, wanna know what I do?  I go to YouTube!  YouTube is fcukin awesome!  It’s not because it empowers the average person to upload original video and share … Continue reading

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Simply Unbeweavable

Ladies, ladies, ladies… This may come across as extremely asshole-ish, but what the fcuk (some of) y’all be thinking when you put that shit on/in your head?  *Most hood DC accent possible*  What shit am I referring to?  That horrible … Continue reading

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(Mix) Fist Pumping 101 || Vol. 1

Good morning students! My name is Professor Hazzard and this is Fist Pumping 101.  In this course we’ll briefly cover some Pop then move into the heart of the curriculum; Progressive, Funky, and Tribal House music.  The course lasts about … Continue reading

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The DJ vs. The iPod

Hey guys!!! Today, I’m going to rant a lil bit about the “DJ” industry.  I put that in quotes because it’s evolved so much since I started 14 years ago.  Damn, I’m getting old!  I can’t believe I’ve been playing … Continue reading

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(Music) Fabolous feat. Ne-Yo & Ryan Leslie – You Be Killin’ Em Pt. 2 (Look At Her)

F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S done, done it again!  He “just” released Part 2 of “You Be Killin’ Em.”  If you thought the original was a banger, you’ll love Part 2.  Naturally, on the sequel he’s accompanied by R&B superstars Ne-Yo & producer Ryan … Continue reading

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Please Have My Seat, I Insist!

Hey there!!! Can I say that even though I’m not a fan of the rain that accompanies it, I’m really glad it’s finally becoming spring in Washington, DC?  It’s been a crazy winter and I’m amped that it’s about to … Continue reading

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