(Music) Drake – Baby Come With Me

Whether you want to agree or not, Drake is one of the few consistent rappers on the scene right now.  I’m never big on the hype around new artists because history shows that they usually flop after their first single or 2.  I honestly thought he woulda ran outta gas soon after he started becoming popular in ’09, but surprisingly he has stayed on top of his game.  So, until he falls off, I’ll be playing his records in clubs.


Anyway, I just came across one of his newer records, Baby Come With Me, and to no surprise, I like it.  It has a semi-pop, semi-electro, semi-rap feel to it…seems confusing but it actually sounds good.  I’m pretty sure it won’t become a club-banger, but I’ll still be sure to include it in my rotation every once in a while…shit, I plan on including it in my next mix!  Secretly, I almost deleted it because he starts his verse, word-for-word, like he did on “Every Girl,” but he quickly redeemed himself after the 3rd measure.  Yes, I said measure and not bar.  I grew up reading music, not rapping…lol!

Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out this record, download it here.

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