Cole Haan’s Done It Again

Hi!  I’m Andre, and I’m a shoe whore!  It’s been exactly 6 days since I bought my last pair…

That pair would be none other than the Air Grants in Navy/Cuoio (to your right).  I know, the name sounds really funky, but for good reason.  Cole Haan partnered with Nike, hence the “air” in the title.  I think Cole Haan designs the shell and Nike designs the sole.  Anyway, the concept actually took a while for me to accept.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Cole Haan (only 2nd to Salvatore Ferragamo) and I love Nike.  I just wasn’t sure I’d love them together.

But, I tried this pair out and now I’m a believer!  Cue: Shrek Music Video.  These shits are fcuk’n hawt!  They’re a combination of 2 of my favorite shoes styles; boat shoes and drivers.  They’re also some of the most comfortable pieces of constructed suede I’ve ever put on my foot.  It honestly feels like I’m walking on clouds.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be shelling out another $140 for them in Papaya Leather.

So, cheers to you Cole Haan & Nike!  You’ve got my vote for Spring 2011…

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3 Responses to Cole Haan’s Done It Again

  1. Tosha says:

    I LOVE Cole Haan Air shoes. I have a couple of pairs as well. I saw those on your feet yesterday in the meeting. I like the color and know they are comfortable. I can’t wear that particular style because they don’t have enough arch support, but the other ones do.

  2. SeunB says:

    I got a pair in New York over the weekend, and I must say… I am pretty happy with myself. This loafers/drivers/boat shoe is comfortable and stylish. The only issue I may have is with the style of pants I should pair it with. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    • I think it depends on how you want to wear them. That’s the joy of these shoes. You can wear them with shorts, jeans, and slacks. On the dressy side, I’ve worn them with khaki dress slacks and on the more comfortable side, I’ve worn them with light grey jeans. Enjoy them!

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