My Instant Happy “Pill”

Anytime I’m in a shitty mood or I simply need a good laugh, wanna know what I do?  I go to YouTube!  YouTube is fcukin awesome!  It’s not because it empowers the average person to upload original video and share it with the world though.  It’s because a lot of people are naturally stupid and I get a kick out of seeing them be themselves.  Don’t judge me though.

This particular video was uploaded in 2008, but what happens in the video never gets old.  I remember when I first saw it.  My boy had sent it to me and I almost cussed him out for it.  He sends me this big Precious-looking muh fcuka serenading the camera.  I don’t have anything against big girls (they need love too), but if you’re going to send me a video of a chick “singing” horribly, at least make sure she’s wearing almost nothing and poppin’ her ass.  So, I had to call him for this one.  Our conversation…

*Phones rings*

  • Him: Hey, what’s up Dre?
  • Me: Don’t worry about that! Why you sending me a video of the “reformed” version of Aunt Jemima singing on YouTube?
  • Him: That shit was great wasn’t it?
  • Me: Are you serious son? I pressed stop after 2 mins of watching this pancake eating ass muh fcuka trying to sing
  • Him: Press play and let it run for another minute.  Thank me later

*Hangs up phone*

Then the best thing of 2008 happened!  Baby girl and her 300 lbs decided to start serenading the camera from a lil ole coffee table!  Instead of telling you the rest and ruining it for you, I’ll let you experience it for yourself…

If this is the first time you’re seeing this, how long did it take you to start back reading the post?  lol!  And even if you’ve seen this video before, it never gets old right?

This is the best shit ever!  I’m still trying to understand why she thought it was a good idea to get on that table.  SMH!  You’d think the fall is what I laugh at.  But, nope, it isn’t!  It’s the minute and 45 seconds she spends on the floor looking like a damn beached whale that I enjoy on a regular basis.

Anyway, I have to give a round of applause to YouTube for giving me the ability to brighten my worst day with a few key strokes and the simple click of a mouse.  LOL!

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I'm a normal guy (in my and I enjoy my daily interactions with the weirdos out there!
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3 Responses to My Instant Happy “Pill”

  1. Ray says:

    dude…so wrong yet soo hilarious! lmbo!

  2. Josie-Ann Carrington says:

    It is in really poor taste to laugh at someone else’s misfortune, but……..Oh gad oye!!! LOL!!! Going to watch it again. (She must live alone because the THUD that fall would have made, no one came running to investigate).

  3. TRIXIE says:

    I GOT SCARED WEN THE TABLE STARTED TO CREEEEK AND GROAN….. I Was like this b%$$h gonna shatter the table…. instead the poor table fling she offf and busss up she back…. DAMNNNNNN…. i was motivating myself to start a youtube channel of me doin covers of songs… BUTTTTT …. ammmm i reallllly dont wanna end up in your bloggggg….

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