To Peep or Not to Peep, That is the Question

Ladies, ladies, ladies…

It’s getting warm outside, and you know what that means – open-toe-shoe season! WOO HOO!!!  I’m looking forward to the plethora of sandals, peep toes, and the slew of other types of open-toe footwear.

What I’m not looking forward to are the women out there who don’t understand that there’s an unwritten rule that states, “if you decide to rock a pair of open-toe shoes, it’s only right to make sure your toes aren’t looking a hot mess.”  Yep, I’m going there ladies!  Time to put you inconsiderate baby-makers on blast right now…

One of the worst sights ever is seeing a well dressed shawty, rocking a bad-ass pair of peep toes, with some chipped up toenail polish.  If you do this, you automatically lose 5 out of your possible (not probable) 10 points.  You’re more than likely, really in the 6-8 point range, so losing 5 additional points can be crucial.  Wanna know why you can’t find a man?  This is exactly why…lol!  It’s probably really because you’re a nagging psycho, but I’m trying to make a point!

On the real though, I know life happens.  We’re all crazy busy these days.  Between school/work, working out, the kids, and taking care of the house, you ladies can’t always find the time to paint/touch up your toes.  I totally understand the lack of time “argument,” so I got a simple solution for you…


Now, if the open toes are a must, because they make that business suit (or whatever shit you’re wearing) pop, either (1) take off ALL of the chipped nail polish or (2) paint each (in their entirety) of your 10 toe nails.  It’s like your toes are confused between wearing polish and not. If you don’t have 10 toenails to paint, you know what to do.  In case you don’t though, refer to the line before this paragraph.  It reads, and I quote, “DON’T WEAR OPEN TOE SHOES…DUHHHHH!!!

Now if toenail polish isn’t the issue and you just naturally have fcuked up feet, AGAIN, refer to the line right before the last paragraph.  Nobody wants to see your athlete’s-foot-having, hang-nails-peeping, crusty ass toes.  We’re not all blessed with pretty feet.  Shit, I’ve been playing trying to play soccer for the majority of my life and it’s taken a toll on my feet.  Trust me, they aren’t the hottest looking things out there.  But, do you see me rocking open toes?  Hell to the no!  And the funny thing is, my feet aren’t even as bad as some of the dogs I see you ladies rocking.  You should be ashamed of yourselves…

When you’re at home, do whatever you please with regard to your feet!  But, as soon as you cross the threshold to the outside world, also known as the front door, even if it’s just to run to grocery, think to yourself “am I going to offend anyone with the state of my feet?”  If the answer is a clear “yes” or if you’re even remotely on the fence, go put on some sneakers…IMMEDIATELY!  If not for anyone else, do it for the children…

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I'm a normal guy (in my and I enjoy my daily interactions with the weirdos out there!
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