Girls Are Fcuk’n Dumb!!!

So, I was having a conversation with my home girl last week and she confirmed my conclusion that girls are fcuk’n dumb.  Like seriously, dumb.  The thing is, on one hand I feel bad for her, but on the other I’m like ‘bitch, you’re dumb!’

Long story short, she’s having some issues with her child’s father baby daddy right now.  I usually hate the term “baby daddy,” because that shit just oozes ghetto, but he deserves that title right now.  Why?  Because the ninja literally doesn’t do shit!  He doesn’t pay for shit, he doesn’t spend time with his child, and the list goes on.  He’s the epitome of a dead beat ass ninja!

Funny thing is, none of this shit surprises me.  When they were dating, I was regularly making fun of this ninja – something just seemed off about his ass.  She was digging him though so nothing I said mattered to her and she stuck around.  Then she got knocked up and everything “changed.”  That’s in quotes because ain’t shit really change in my opinion.  The ninja had gump-like tendencies from the beginning and now he’s just showing that gump ass right now.

Which brings me to the point of today’s post – Girls are a fcuk’n dumb!  Just to clarify, I’m referring to their decision making with regard to men, not their intellect.  Because we all know women are amongst some of the most brilliant thinkers ever. Don’t believe me?  Check out the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

All the silly banter aside, I personally love women.  So much so that I can’t ever have enough of them…lol!  Seriously though, they’re the nurturers of the earth, the mothers of the world, and a lot of times the glue that keeps shit together in so many different situations.  That said, they can be some of the dumbest muh fcukas in these streets.  It’s kinda baffling that they can be such brilliant beings yet so stupid and naive when some cock a man comes into the picture.

All of the signs will slap these chicks in the face, yet they’ll be blinded by love stupidity.  I can personally attest to this shit because I’ve enabled the bullshit a time or 200.

Lemme explain how…

I’ve dealt with my fair share of women!  I truly have to thank the dead beat ass ninjas for that “accomplishment.”  My entire “get the draws” system was purposely (and a bit accidentally) based on their shortcomings.  Unlike a lot of the dudes in these streets, I’m ambitious and try to be somewhat charming and a good listener and my ass was kicked into being I was raised to be chivalrous and respectful, and the list goes on.  But the characteristic that makes it all work has to be my straight forwardness! I will literally tell a female “I just want your lady parts,” and a lot of times get them!  Clearly not in those exact words (all the time…lol), but in a respectful derivation of sorts.

Ironically, my straight forwardness developed as a result of listening to a lot of women gripe about their relationships.  I kept hearing complaints about how dishonest dudes were but it wasn’t until I heard a female friend say “if he was just up front with me, I woulda still slept with him,” that my life changed.

I remember the first time I told a chick I just wanted to smash and it worked.  You woulda thought I just hit the winning numbers.  Because it was new to me and I still put in a lil work, I figured it was fluke…but it kept happening.  So, naturally I thought I was the man because honestly, I was reupholstering lady parts like it was a business with no overhead!  There was no work required at all.  All I had to do was “place my order, be nice to the server, and give an above average tip every once in a while.”  (Like my analogy? lol).

So instead of being dishonest I put all the cards on the table up front, and left the decision in the females’ hands.  That was why it worked.  But if you really think about it, was I really being that much better than the dishonest ninjas?  If you’d asked me while I was doing it, I’d would’ve quickly said “of course.”  Looking back at it now though, I’d have to honestly say no.  That’s right!  I’m owning up to the fcukery.

Lemme explain though…

The dumbass dishonest ninja is a cheater!  And a bad one at that because he usually gets complacent then gets caught.  The chick is heartbroken because her boyfriend of six months has been cheating on her for the last five months and 29 days.  She probably overlooked a lot of tell-tale signs, but ultimately it’s not her fault that he was humping another chick every chance he got.

On the flip-side, I give chicks a choice.  Honorable right?  Not really, because the “choice” I give them is psychologically thought out.  I know that the majority of the time chicks are going to take me up on my offer because I’ll kinda give them what they want; someone to (1) talk to, (2) treat them well, (3) be honest and up front with them, just to name a few.  Problem is they get all of those benefits, but no official ties.  I also know that eventually most chicks will catch feelings.  Whether it’s completely unintentional or a case where they think they can change my mind later down the road, feelings are not supposed to be included in the equation.  Thing is, I know it’s bound to eventually happen, yet I go ahead.  So keeping it simple, I know the probable outcome, yet still do it just because I can say they agreed to the situation ahead of time.  It’s sad and genius all wrapped into one.

The point I’m trying to make is that girls are fcuk’n dumb!  I don’t think I can say it enough times.  Why?  Because they put up with the shit.  Of course, if you’re a chick that can honestly enter into a situation to get dicked down and not an emotional feeling enters your mind, then the following advice isn’t for you because you’re a fcuk’n Spartan.  And, my number is 301…Oh wait, I’m cutting that out aren’t I?  I may have spoken too soon…lol!


Being naive about the shit dishonest ninjas do and overlooking the telltale signs you see isn’t an excuse.  Signing up to be fcuk buddies friends with benefits, knowing full well you (1) can’t emotionally handle that shit (2) want the ninja for more than just some pipe, and (3) want a relationship is plain ole dumb too.  “Taking what you can get” is settling and nothing positive ever comes out of settling.

Yeah, it’s fcuked up that we do all that shit, but it’s more fcuked up that you let us get away with it.  Even worse is when you start to blame yourselves for shit that’s not even remotely your fault, but that’s for an entirely different post.

The point is, until you demand more from men you’re gambling with your feelings.  And if you ask any casino owner, the house always wins.  Why gamble with something so fragile when 9 out of 10 times you’re going to lose?  Just plain ole dumb, if you ask me!



P.S. You, girl reading this post, are not the house if you’re wondering…lol!

P.P.S. Do you realize the brilliance of this title?  In addition to the use of “fcuk’n” as an adjective, using it as a verb also drives the point home.

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10 Responses to Girls Are Fcuk’n Dumb!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hmm…how come it’s okay to use the word “bitch” in reference to a female but not okay to use the word nigga as opposed to ninja? If you’re going to stop using nigga then you could stop using “bitch” right…just a thought.

  2. kawaiinai says:

    That was too funny. And you’re right. It’s insanity for females (or anyone, for that matter) to keep doing the same sh!t and expect a different result.

    Think more highly of yourself and save your heart for something real.

  3. Cuzzo Randa says:

    Females are crazy… and SOME are plain ol foolish.. I’m an effin Spartan after my last ninja many moons ago.. I left to become a Spartan.. the last dude I really really wanted as a jump off ended up proposing! We’ve been happily married for 4 yrs.. there is a beauty to the hit it quit it philosophy.. there are RULES to this game.. Some of your stories make me wanna give classes.. LMAO

  4. Ayana says:

    You attract what you put out there. So if the girls you know are dumb….

  5. Spartanwoman says:

    Well I hope those female with their insecurities and daddy issues take something away from this. I say I am a SPARTANWOMAN because I have an ego just as big as any guy..I have the inner and outer strength of a man..I have no heart or show no emotions…I dont go around making random conquests.I keep it simple (can count my fingers on one hand)…I am not in fear of being caught by no man. I am secure enough to know that I can hold my own and stand my ground and to do so I establish ground rule from the start and there is to be an agreement of all terms and conditions before we proceed.. I dont ask them or take anything.. I pay for my own even if they offer I say NO dont want them to think otherwise..all I need is some”eh em time”.To make my life peaceful and easier I just introduce them all to each other (even had them all at my bowling party…they all yapping away w/each other), so that when one txts or calls me he doesnt get all bent out of shape if I say who it is. The funny thing about this is that each of them say I am mean.. I think the reason for this is that I hit them up when I want mine and rolled out…even if they ask me to stay.. nope I rather sleep in my own bed thanks…@Cuzzo Randa..I had one asked me if I think its the right time to have a boyfriend or ready to get married and have kids.My response is NO and that I ma allergic to commitment and children..and that shuts them up
    My motto is IF A GUY CAN DO IT.. I CAN DO WAY BETTER!! and still be respectable…thanks for this post and please refrain from calling females bitches…

    Your new reader,
    PS.. I had friends that acted how you described, but because I am the type of person that does like to repeat myself or hear you talk about the same crap over and over..I just drop u like a hot potato & cut you out my life..cant deal with stupid people..male or female.

  6. Kiki says:

    Wow…its sad but true…I am a new fan of your honesty, even though i have been pounded by your honesty before, you just have to respect it.

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