(Music) Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy

As I said in (Music) Drake – Baby Come With Me, “Drake is one of the few consistent rappers on the scene right now.”  He found his formula and it fcuk’n works!  He knows how to play the game.  He can go IN on a record when needed, and he can water his flow down with some “singing,” and sell records.  It’s kinda like how I said in Welcome to “The Warped Reality,” “On the surface, I pretty much appear to be a fairly put together corporate square…Even a borderline an Uncle Tom to some.  I think of it as knowing how to play the game to get ahead though.”  Yeah, I just compared myself to a rapper…lol!

Anyway, the first track on Drake’s new mix tape (Take Care) is absolute FIRE!  It’s entitled “Dreams Money Can Buy,” and I’m completely sold on this record.  I absolutely love the 70’s soul feel the producer laid on top of the beat, the sample they used for the hook, and the list goes on.  It’s definitely not a club hit, but guess who will be playing it in the club anyway?  This guy! *Points thumbs to self*

If you want to check it out, download it here.

About The Warped Reality

I'm a normal guy (in my world...lol) and I enjoy my daily interactions with the weirdos out there!
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