I Ain’t Scurred!

I will never try to act like I know it all when it comes to raising kids, because it’s definitely an ongoing learning experience.  I didn’t just wake up knowing how to do this shit –  I take personal experiences from when my mom was beating my ass disciplining me and tweak them (if necessary) for my lil poop factory of a son.  One thing I do plan on adopting from mom-dukes though is spanking.

I can already see a lot of spankings in my son’s future when he fcuks up.  I got licks when I was younger and so will he!  Not because I want him to suffer though.  It’s as simple as knowing that I hated spankings and therefore made sure tried hard not to do the same shit twice.  My problem was that I was an innovative lil terror!  I wouldn’t typically get into the same type of trouble more than once.  Instead, my curious ass would do new shit that also awarded me one of my mother’s good ole infamous spankings.

Anyway, more and more frequently, I find some parents scared to discipline their kids outta fear of getting in “trouble” with Child Protective Services.  Are you serious?  Child Protective Services can honestly choke on a big fat one!  Unless I’m actually abusing my child, I wish someone will call them on me.  I’ll put them on a fcuk’n time out too!

American society has seriously fcuk’d up the art of parenting!  There was a point in time where ALL kids got spanked.  I’m talking about white, black, indian, mexican hispanic, red, yellow asian, etc.  Now, everyone but some most white parents spank.  And everyone knows that even though Mr. Obama is the President of the free world, white people still run the show.  I’m not bitter about it, I’m just not blind.  Anyway, I digress!  I’m assuming a (probably) black parent went to town on their kid’s ass in front of some (probably) white people and that was the day that parents were stripped of one of the most effective means of disciplining their kids.  Now, parents fear getting cops or CPS called on them with the possibility of losing custody of their children.  How asinine is that fcukery of an equation?

  • A parent spanks child
  • Someone calls cops
  • CPS takes child
  • Child ends up in foster care (NOW WITHOUT A PARENT)

The irony is, in most cases, that same parent was more than likely simply trying to discipline that child in an attempt to mold them into upstanding contributors to the same fcuk’d up American society we live in.

Wanna know what I have to say to the parents scared of CPS?  You’re fcuk’n dumb!  If you’re a parent and you truly don’t believe in spanking, you’re fcuk’n dumb too this post isn’t for you.  It’s for the parents scared of “The Man.”  You’re allowing a third party organization to dictate how you discipline YOUR child.  Fcuk that!  Like I said before, Child Protective Services can honestly choke on a big fat one!  I will spank my lil guy with not a fear in the world other than hitting him too hard.  That’s because I’m not trying to harm his ADD-having lil ass.  I’m simply trying to make a point to him – a memorable one – that what he did was shit and  won’t be tolerated under my tyranny while I’m around.

The problem is, there’s a bigger picture to all of this, that outsiders don’t take the time to see.  It’s hard to raise a child in this crazy world we live in.  Ultimately, most parents just want their child to grow up and do great things.  Unfortunately, there’s so much uncontrollable shit going on in the world that can potentially jeopardize that.  Kids are exposed to a lot more now than we, let alone our parents, were exposed to.  Parents only truly get one shot to try and mold their kids’ character, and that’s typically during their early childhood and preadolescence when a lot of time is spent with the kids.  By the time they hit their teens, parents can only hope they did a good job.  In an attempt at being philosophical, if only for a sentence, I want to share a quote that’s resonated with me since I heard it a few years ago.  It’s what I‘ll be trying to instil in my lil guy as he gets older:

“Character is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking…”

Those nine words are simple, yet powerful!  The point is, I’d rather be criticized for spanking my more-or-less well-behaved kid than having a lil disrespectful future Columbine shooter.  Maybe a lil extreme, but you get it!

Anyway, I’m done criticizing these baby makers!  Time to laugh a lil bit!  Enjoy Uncle Russell’s perspective on this…

Oh!  And for all you parents who wish they could spank their kids, but they’re scared of CPS, there are 2 tricks to avoid getting a visit from them!

  1. Don’t beat your kids in public – DUH
  2. Don’t leave physical evidence – Double DUH

This is when I point out how some of these black parents are fcuk’n up!  See, I criticize equally…lol! I’ll save that for a future post though.  Gotta keep you wanting to read my shit…

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