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I Woke Up & I Was A Republican

For starters, let’s get it clear – I’m not a Republican.  Shit, I’m not even a Democrat…I’m actually indecisive a registered Independent.  There are certain stances that I like and dislike in both parties so instead of choosing a side, I … Continue reading

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Twilight || The Light Edition

Picture this…the moonlight glistening in her hair, the gentle rocking of the waves as she leans into you and …gives you the best flex of the last half hour your life! Every city has certain events that can’t be missed … Continue reading

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(Music) 50 Cent – I’m On It

Anyone who knows me knows I seriously fcuks with 50 Cent as an artist! *Pause*  Since his first album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ I’ve been a fan.  Now, I’m not about to front and act like all of his … Continue reading

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Used (and Discarded) Like An Old Tampon

In the words of most pastors… “Today I’m moved to preach a sermon about” the time this bish used me for my man meat sex! Background: So, I have this coworker, right (yeah, I know…I should leave the coworkers alone, … Continue reading

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