(Mix) 2012 Carnival Jump Starter

Lemme start by wishing everyone a happy holiday!  Whatever winter holiday you celebrate, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it with close friends and family.

Now that I got the pleasantries out of the way…

Today marks the official beginning of the 2012 Trinidad carnival season.  And what better way to honor it than recording a mix for you all?  Thus, I introduce you to my 2012 Carnival Jump Starter.  It’s 76 groovy Soca releases ranging from this summer up to this week all wrapped into a non-stop 84-minute mix.

I have to salute GBM Studios, Precision Productions, Madmen Productions, First Klase, London Future, and everyone else playing major roles in producing, mixing, and mastering what seems to be a ridiculous flow of Electro Soca this year.  I apologize in advance for the large number of riddims on this mix, but it seems as though that’s the direction artists are going in this year.

Anyway, if you want to check it out, “listen to it” here & lemme know what you think!

Track List
01. Toting Feelings – Benjai
02. Celebrate Life – Kevon Carter feat. Shal Marshall
03. (4D Riddim) Stress Away – Kes The Band
04. (4D Riddim) 4D Gyal – Swappi
05. (4D Riddim) Make Yuh Rock – Machel Montano HD
06. (Whistle Riddim) Gyal Wuk – Machel Montano HD
07. Keep On Wukkin’ – Destra Garcia
08. Dutty – Gabrielle
09. Wine Girl – Skinny Fabulous
10. Coming Over – Kes The Band
11. Thunder Wine – Super Jigga TC
12. Jiggle It (remix) – Inches feat. Shurwayne Winchester
13. (Barcode Riddim) Alcohol – Bunji Garlin
14. (Barcode Riddim) Show Meh – Konshens
15. (Barcode Riddim) Wine – Serani
16. Wining Addiction – Shurwayne Winchester
17. Whine – The iZ feat. Machel Montano HD
18. (Sansousi Riddim) Sound De Horn – Blaxx
19. Go Hard – Bunji Garlin
20. (X6 Riddim) Tun Up – Bunji Garlin
21. (X6 Riddim) Take It Off – Devon Matthews
22. I Am Soca – Patrice Roberts & Kerwin Du Bois
23. (Go Go Club Riddim) Go Go Club – Beenie Man
24. (Go Go Club Riddim) Brace & Wine – Alison Hinds
25. (Kinky Wine Riddim) Kinky Wine – Benjai
26. (Super Soca Riddim) Mad People – Skinny Fabulous
27. (Super Soca Riddim) Wine Dat – Cobra
28. (Super Soca Riddim) Getting Lucky (clean) – Big Red
29. (Super Soca Riddim) Hit The Dance Floor – Shal Marshall
30. (Rich Boy Riddim) Don’t Stop Wine – Shal Marshall
31. (Rich Boy Riddim) Harder – Shurwayne Winchester
32. (Rich Boy Riddim) What Time Is It – Skinny Fabulous
33. (Rich Boy Riddim) Work – Lil’ Rick
34. Surrender – Farmer Nappy
35. Runaway – Kerwin Du Bois – feat. Bunji Garlin
36. Nothing Less – K Rich
37. (Popso Riddim) Gimme The Wine – Devon Matthews
38. (Popso Riddim) Rave Out – Skinny Fabulous feat. Busy Signal
39. (Popso Riddim)  Right Now – Lil’ Rick
40. (Popso Riddim) Irregular – Bunji Garlin
41. Baddist – Destra Garcia feat. Kerwin Du Bois
42. (Coca Cola Riddim) Sweetest Wine – Umi Marcano
43. (Coca Cola Riddim) Ketchin’ It – Lil Bitts
44. (Coca Cola Riddim) True Story – Benjai
45. (Coca Cola Riddim) All Night – Devon Matthews
46. (Coca Cola Riddim) Make Ah Toast – Screws
47. (Soca Ska Riddim) Trouble – Shal Marshall
48. (Soca Ska Riddim) Bang Bang – Super Jigga TC
49. Action – Super Jigga TC
50. Precision Wine – Kes The Band
51. Worldz Girlz – Kes The Band
52. (Break-In-Trance Riddim) Breaking Away – Destra Garcia
53. (Break-In-Trance Riddim) Bossing – Mx Prime
54. (Break-In-Trance Riddim) Drink It Up – Umi Marcano
55. (Charlie Sheen Riddim) Waist – Skinny Fabulous
56. (Charlie Sheen Riddim) Doh ‘Fraid – Machel Montano HD
57. (Charlie Sheen Riddim) Jones & Wukkup – Lil’ Rick
58. (Charlie Sheen Riddim) Eh Yo – Lil’ Rick
59. (Maserati Riddim) Rude Gyal – Kimba Sorzano
60. (Maserati Riddim) Wine For Meh – Vigilante
61. (Maserati Riddim) Call Meh – Olatunji Yearwood
62. (Maserati Riddim) We Time – JW & Blaze
63. (Maserati Riddim) In Charge – Machel Montano HD
64. Represent – Machel Montano HD
65. (Burdz Riddim) Time For Work – Machel Montano HD
66. (Burdz Riddim) On De Spot – Erphaan Alves
67. (Burdz Riddim) Wine Yuh Body – Shal Marshall
68. (Burdz Riddim) Bad – Nebula 868 feat. Swappi
69. (Antilles Riddim) Bacchanalist – Kerwin Du Bois
70. (Antilles Riddim) Shiver – Nadia Batson
71. (Antilles Riddim) In Your Eyes – Erphaan Alves
72. (Antilles Riddim) Vibes Cyah Done – Machel Montano HD
73. Mr. Fete – Machel Montano HD
74. Bubble On Ah DJ – Swappi
75. RoboMan  Say (Space Junk Carnival Refix) – RoboMan feat. Cherise Ransome
76. Pania – Destra & Rikki Jai

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