Why Romney Is The Obvious Choice!

We’re officially four days away from Super Tuesday and I’m fcuk’n amped!  Why?  Because, I CAN’T WAIT to see Mitt Romney in office…lol!

I couldn’t even type that shit without laughing so before all of the calls, messages, texts etc. start coming in non-stop, let me reiterate: that shit was a JOKE!  Rest assured, I will be voting for the incumbent, but not for the reasons a lot of people think.  I’ll get into that later on though.

This post is simply me publicly announcing who I’m supporting.  If you agree with my views, you rock!  If you disagree with them, I seriously hope something prevents you from voting on Tuesday I could honestly care less, because this is not a forum for debate.  I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything although I hope that what I write encourages you to vote for Obama on Tuesday doesn’t land on deaf eyes (Stop and think about that one…lol).

Disclaimer: This post will probably be all over the place.  I’m just adlibbing!  So as it pops into my head, I type it on the computer.


With that said…

Lemme start by saying that I’m a “blind” voter!  I do not vote according to color, gender, POLITICAL PARTY, etc.  Instead, I vote like I conduct business: I evaluate my options, weigh the pros/cons, calculate risk, and determine which option best suits MY interest.

It therefore boils my blood when people (directly or indirectly) discount Señor Obama because he’s black!  Don’t get it twisted though, I also hate it when people support him only because he’s black just as much.  Stop and read that again if I lost you.

A friend creatively raised this issue in a recent Facebook status update

Not to knock my fellow brothas and sistas, but black people need to stop voting with emotion instead of common sense.  Let’s leave that for the ladies.  Stop being so fcuk’n superficial people!  It shouldn’t matter what the person running the country looks like.  What should matter is how that person affects your situation or interests.

Another Facebook friend captured this point perfectly as you’ll see in two seconds.  What made this status update resonate even more is that he’s literally a statistic as he was unemployed during the recession.

So, why am I voting for Obama?  Because Mitt Romney is a cunt and a half continuously proves to be inconclusive in his stances on EVERYTHING.  Instead of building a platform that he’s proud to share in any setting, he constantly changes his message to fit the crowd he’s addressing.  He clearly didn’t get the memo that you’re only supposed to alter the language and delivery, not the actual message.  I wouldn’t put my head on a block to say that Obama has never done the same thing, but at least he hasn’t been caught doing it.  Cue the infamous 47% video

Seriously though, I’d prefer for Governor Romney to simply state his agenda and stick to it.  I may not agree with it all, but at least I could respect his honesty.  Instead he changes his tune so regularly on policy that I honestly wouldn’t know what the hell to expect if he made it into office.  Between that and dancing around issues without actual explanation, I’m quite frankly terrified at what the next four years would look like from a policy standpoint should America lose its collective mind he win.

Let’s take for example his stance on turning the economy around.  I’d be down for it if it actually made sense.  Who wouldn’t want a win-win situation for EVERYONE?  There’s only minor flaw in his economic plan as far as I can tell, and it’s that my three year old might as well have written it.  Show me how you can (1) bring the rates down, (2) simplify the tax code, and (3) lower taxes for middle income people, all while maintaining taxes on the wealthy and I’ll vote for Romney.  Take your time, I’ll wait.

Okay, you can stop now because not even Romney knows how the hell he’ll accomplish that shit.  I guess he thought we’d take his word for it because when asked how he’d do it, he couldn’t answer.  What a meatball he tossed to Obama in the second debate…

And the People’s Champion eloquently refuted that nonsense during the DNC in one word – arithmetic!

Mind you, I haven’t even touched on any of the social issues being debated like Roe v. Wade.  And do I even need to include the Paul Ryan, Todd Akin, and Richard Murdock sound bites?  I could sit down here all day and dissect the ass-backwards social policies that the Romney/Ryan ticket is proposing, but I don’t have the time or patience for that shit.

All I’ll say is if you haven’t done so already, exercise your right to vote for Obama.  Don’t be the dumbass who makes an uninformed voting decision just because you have superficial reasons for disliking a candidate and vote against him.  Instead, make sure that the person you’re voting for can adequately represent your needs and interests through the official stances that make up their platform.

I know I did!

So again, why am I supporting Obama?  Because he’s one cool ass brotha fought the senate to accomplish a shitload in the last four years!  His team just needs to do a better job of letting the masses know about it.

Who knew he’d done that much?! #InformedVoter

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  1. Sam says:

    great post guy

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