Eyes Wide Shut 9 Update

When DJ Private Ryan gets called to duty at Eyes Wide Shut 9 (EWS 9) he gets excited…when he gets excited he attempts to break dance…when he attempts to break dance he literally breaks a leg (and several other body parts)…when he breaks a leg he loses flight clearance and can’t make it to DC. Don’t be like Private Ryan, learn to dance BEFORE you come to EWS 9.

See how rumors get started? Lol. All kidding aside, however, there is one unfortunate fact amidst the above fiction: while Private Ryan has not broken any body parts (or attempted to break dance in recent history…well, as far as we know) he did undergo emergency surgery two weeks ago and though expecting medical clearance this week, he has been deemed unable to fly in time for EWS 9. Our prayers and best wishes go out to him for a speedy and complete recovery (even as we curse Murphy’s law for being an uber bish). We look forward to him being present and better than ever at EWS X next year though.

So where’s that leave us? With a strong DJ cast from along the East Coast AND a new face to the EWS scene who’s been at the top of his game for years – DJ Dayne!  Whether you know him from spinning with Hypa Hoppa during the Radioactive (Sound System) days, listen to him on Red 96.7 on the Hypadrive, chip alongside him and Sachy through Tribe/Bliss for Trinidad Carnival or simply heard him play on one of his international tours, you know that DJ Dayne kills it on the ones and twos. With him in the mix you can bet EWS 9 will be Tun Up LOUD!

See you at Tuscana Lounge (1350 I Street, NW) for EWS 9.  For tickets and/or additional information, link me (or any other committee member), or log on to http://eyeswideshut9.eventbrite.com.

Eyes Wide Shut IX Committee
301.613.9096 (Andre)
410.533.8206 (Cecil)
240.476.3793 (Gary)
240.423.5947 (Kirt)
240.581.2858 (Kris)

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I'm a normal guy (in my world...lol) and I enjoy my daily interactions with the weirdos out there!
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