(Mix) Carnival 2014 Jump Starter

Happy Holidays to whoever is reading this shit all my readers!  I pray that you are enjoying time with the ones you love.

As you should may know, Boxing Day marks the beginning of every carnival season.  And what better way to kick it off than with carnival music?  So, I introduce you to my Carnival 2014 Jump Starter.  It’s a non-stop one hour and 17 minute mix containing some of the hottest releases for Trinidad’s 2014 carnival.

Whether you’re already familiar with these 73 tracks or not, you’re bound to catch yourself jumping around like a mad (wo)man nodding your head to this mix at some point.  I won’t judge you if you decide to put on last year’s carnival costume and properly get into character before jumping around the house.  All I ask is that you send pictures video!

If you’re ready for me to get in the zone, “listen to it” here & lemme know what you think!  And as usual, share the fcuk out of it feel free to share it.

Track List
01. Come Over – Shal Marshall feat. Nutron & Reina
02. Forget About It – Kerwin Du Bois
03. Red Light District – Bunji Garlin
04. (Early Bird Riddim) No Way – Allison Hinds
05. (Early Bird Riddim) Aye You – Destra
06. (Early Bird Riddim) All I Want – Super Jigga TC
07. Take Control (Ooo Wey) – Mr. Renzo
08. (Bumpa Riddim) Question Of De Year – Cooper Dan
09. (Bumpa Riddim) Born Wit It – Allison Hinds
10. (Bumpa Riddim) I Like Dat – Hypasounds
11. (Bumpa Riddim) Crankment – Peter Ram
12. So Nice – Lil Rick
13. (Sando Riddim) Family – Farmer Nappy
14. (Sando Riddim) S.O.C.A. (Soul Of Calypso) – Isaac Blackman
15. (Sando Riddim) Doh Rough Meh – Patrice Roberts
16. (Sando Riddim) Gyal Season – GBM Nutron & Jaigá
17. (Sando Riddim) Wining Champion – Akeem “Preedy” Chance
18. (Sando Riddim) Drop It Down – Machel Montano
19. Need Ah Riddim – Biggie Irie
20. Blazin – Chucky
21. DTP – Kofi
22. Carnival Tabanca (SMJ Road Mix) – Bunji Garlin
23. (Chuku Chuku Riddim) Never See Come See – Kes The Band
24. (Chuku Chuku Riddim) Chuku Chuku – Denise Belfon
25. Condense – Porgie & Murda
26. Dibby In A Fete – Verseewild
27. Bomb Drop – Patrice Roberts
28. Truck On D Road – Bunji Garlin
29. BTW (Behaving The Worst) – Skinny Fabulous
30. HMA (Happiest Man Alive) – Machel Montano
31. My Team – Jaigá
32. Man In Yuh House – Cassi
33. Greedy – Devon Matthews
34. (Bad Influence Riddim) Part Ah Yuh Nature – Lyrikal
35. (Bad Influence Riddim) Bad Influence – Nadia Batson
36. (Bad Influence Riddim) Professor Feter – K.I.
37. Just 1 Wine – Nutron
38. Tang Tang – Shurwayne Winchester feat. 3 Canal
39. Never Done – 5 Star Akil & Nadia Batson
40. Go Down – K. Rich
41. (Toots Riddim) Bubble & Bruk – Peter Ram
42. (Toots Riddim) Juck Dung Gal – Lil Rick
43. (Toots Riddim) Zagga Dat – Sir Skarz
44. It’s A Carnival – Bunji Garlin feat. Major Lazer & Kubiyashi
45. Contagious (We Drinkin) – Erphaan Alves feat. Blaxx
46. Bad Habits – Kes The Band
47. Monster Winer (Travis World Road Mix) – Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick
48. Monster Winer – Kerwin Du Bois & Lil Rick
49. Shameless – Machel Montano
50. (D’ Release Riddim) Conquer Meh – Lyrikal
51. (D’ Release Riddim) Just A Little Bit – Destra
52. To Meh Heart – 5Star Akil
53. I’ll Be There (Last Forever) – Swappi
54. Bread – Ravi B
55. Breakaway – Ravi B
56. (Addicted Riddim) Wild Out – Lil Rick
57. (Addicted Riddim) Street Life – Indrani
58. (Addicted Riddim) Defense – Skinny Fabulous
59. (Addicted Riddim) Bumper Bounce – Erphaan Alves
60. (Addicted Riddim) Kotch De Bumper – Lil Rick
61. (Addicted Riddim) Bruck It – Machel Montano
62. No Worries – Mr. Legs feat. Young Image
63. Press A Button – Kerwin Du Bois
64. Lockdown – Kerwin Du Bois & Lyrikal
65. Addiction – Farmer Nappy feat. Imani
66. Wassi – Giselle D Wassi One
67. Mama Oh – Iwer George
68. Hurricane Skinny – Skinny Fabulous
69. Rolly Polly – Mr. Killa
70. (Oil Stain Riddim) Wrenk – Lavaman
71. (Oil Stain Riddim) Riot – Problem Child
72. (Oil Stain Riddim) The General (Lick Ah Shot) – Skinny Fabulous
73. (Oil Stain Riddim) Done D Party – Faye Ann Lyons

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