Time to Get High!

So you know how they legalized marijuana in Colorado?  Well, let’s go there and get baked this post has nothing to do with that.

Lemme start by wishing everyone a Happy (not so new) New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday spent with family whomever you felt like kicking it with!  Now that that’s out of the way…

It’s a new year and [Gary, Kris, Kwesi, and] I have a new monthly event you’re gonna want to check out – Altitude!


That’s right, we’re borrowing those #MojitoSundays #vibes and using them to pump up Tuscana West (1350 I Street, NW) for a few hours on January 31, 2014.

Why Altitude you ask?  I think the definition speaks for itself…

a :  the angular elevation of a celestial object above the horizon

b :  the vertical elevation of an object above a surface (as sea level or land) of a planet or natural satellite

c :  the distance between the dance floor and your feet when you catch the vibe and start jumping around like a mad (wo)man

Seriously, after watching Mojitos Sundays successfully become “the day party in the DMV with the most vibes,” and hearing people complain about having nothing to do on a Friday nights, we had a brilliant brain fart decided to take the same model and give you a reason for being something to do at least one Friday each month.

Like Mojitos, Altitude is an open format party.  We aim to provide an event for working professionals in the DMV to simply get lost in good music.  Once you can appreciate multiple musical genres, and aren’t worried about what people have to say about your failed attempt at bubbling don’t mind showing that you’re having a time, Altitude is the place for you.

Admission will be $15 in advance and more at the door.  Bottle and table specials are available, so if you have a birthday,  got a promotion at work, or simply feel like popping a bottle or 10 to celebrate, we’re happy to provide the vibes for you.

For tickets and/or additional information, link me (or any other committee member), or log on to http://altitudedc.eventbrite.com.

Altitude Committee
301.613.9096 (Andre)
240.476.3793 (Gary)
240.581.2858 (Kris)
443.562.8203 (Kwesi)

See you there!

About The Warped Reality

I'm a normal guy (in my world...lol) and I enjoy my daily interactions with the weirdos out there!
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