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The Good Samaritan Clearly Never Had To Deal With The Blind!

I’m going to briefly step away from planning my annual birthday celebration, Eyes Wide Shut VII, and take a moment to vent a bit!  Why?  Because this blind bish pissed me off this morning.  Yeah I said it! Lemme start … Continue reading

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(Music) Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris – We Found Love

Lemme start this post off by saying that I’m in no way an actual Rihanna fan.  That said, like my mummy always says – “Gotta give Jack his Jacket & Jim his Jim Boots.”  This has been a stellar year … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Shut VII Sampler

If you follow The Warped Reality, you’ve probably read about my annual birthday celebration Eyes Wide Shut VII (EWS 7)!  If you haven’t, and don’t feel like reading it, you’re fcuk’n lazy here are the important event details… EWS 7 … Continue reading

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The Curse Of The “Forever Bridesmaids”

I recently read a Wall Street Journal article titled “An Interracial Fix for Black Marriage.”  In short, the reporter insinuated that the cure for the plague of the unmarried black woman is a relationship/marriage outside of their race.  It features … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Shut VII

Guess whose birthday is around the corner?  That’s right…This guy’s! *Thumbs pointing to self* And like most egotistical DJs partyholics, I use it as an excuse to host a big ass event – Eyes Wide Shut (EWS)! EWS is only … Continue reading

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